Meet Carly, a Young and Devoted Volunteer

The amount of work that goes into running a dog rescue is astounding. Before I started, I never really considered all of the moving pieces that make the rescue run. I wanted to take the time to share stories about some of the volunteers that make BePaws They Matter possible. 

Most 17 year old’s may be off with their friends, going to the movies, going to parties (at least pre-Covid) but not Carly. Carly has spent weekends driving down to Tennessee to bring back a van load of dogs to their new homes. And when she’s not doing that, she’s busy fostering dogs that came up on the transport, caring for and rehoming hamsters, all while finishing high school virtually. 

Carly’s family used to rescue greyhounds so she remembers always being surrounded by dogs growing up. She said that she used to share her binkies with the greyhounds. “I just grew up with this huge love for animals that I can’t even explain.”

“Anything animals, I don’t even care if it was a squirrel or frog.. If anyone tried to hurt an animal, I wanted it.” 

As Carly got older, she realized how much she wanted to foster herself. She met Michelle Sabella, who volunteers for BePaws, through work, who told her about fostering for the rescue. Carly got her parents to agree to foster and after the first transport, she was completely devoted to the rescue. 

“I love being at the transport. I help taking the dogs off of the van. That’s one of my jobs and walking them. I love that first second where the owners meet the dog. I love seeing it. You know there are a lot of dogs that come off and they’re scared but I love seeing the dogs that just know those are their people. The hardest part for me is letting the fosters go. My favorite is when the dog meets their forever home, especially when they have kids.”

Carly is so passionate about all animals that she started her own hamster rescue. She owned hamsters so she decided that she wanted to start rescuing them as well. “I started the hamster rescue because I believe that every animal deserves rescuing. People look at hamsters and just think that they are kids toys and will throw them out or not give them the life they deserve and keep them in small cages. Every animal deserves to live the proper way.”

When she started out she was nervous that she would take in hamsters and then not be able to find homes for them. After posting them on PetFinder she has rehomed a total of 30 hamsters since June of 2020. 

Having known Carly through the rescue for quite a few months now I can say that she has such a pure soul and her passion for animals is inspirational. Carly will be attending college in the Fall to become a vet tech and we wish her the best and know she will be great at what she does. 

-Isa Knapp

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