Our Mission:
Rescue, foster and adoption!!!
Educate about animal welfare and what it takes to be a “responsible” pet owner.

  1. Rescue as many as possible of of the high kill shelters in Northeast Arkansas, Alabama and everywhere in  between as, well as our local tri-state area shelters, owner surrenders and strays.
  2. Give the best health care to each rescued dog. If we can’t at that time give the best health care, we do not bring the dog into our rescue. Taking and not providing vet care is neglect! Every penny goes to the dogs.
  3. Give a healthy balanced diet of good quality food because it does matter!” you are what you eat”.
  4. No place is too far to save from as long as we have the funds.
  5. Work with and treat with respect and kindness other rescues. Bashing, bullying and fighting only hurts the dogs. RESPECT AND LOVE! ” we are all in it for the same reason”.
  6. Educate as many people as we can reach about animal welfare and what it takes to be a “responsible” pet owner. Including spay/neutering- why it needs to be done, proper diet, health care etc.
  7. Make sure every dog even those adopted, are always taken care of be there for our adopters ALWAYS.

    They are our pups till they cross the bridge!!!
    We are not only a rescue, we are a growing family of pet lovers and pet owners.
BePaws They Matter

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We have received hundreds of applications and are working on all of them. We won’t be able to get to every message, call or text. So hang in there we go in the order the applications come in. If you are approved we will be in contact.
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